Employability Skills

Weekly plan:






(What you are trying to achieve?)

Implementation (What you are planning on doing?)


(What are your outcomes and how will they be measured?)



PPE – Have Pupils understand what it’s for, why we wear it.

Have pupils put on the appropriate PPE, photograph it and document in for their folder work

Safety on a site. Pupils will understand why we must wear PPE.

Pupils get their own steel toe cap boots.



Skip delivery to clear the site of debris. Prepare site for development

Have pupils organise the delivery of a skip to St Mary’s.

Clear the site of all refuse and debris

Costing out resources. Research for best price.



Materials – What materials will we need to develop the site. List all required supplies needed.

Reclamation site for the window and door. Builders yard for Bricks / Wood / Roofing material / paint

Tools – What tools are required for the work.


Online research. Visit to cost out and potentially get supplies from Wickes or equivalent builder's yard.


Document required resources in folders

Pupils understand and appreciate the importance of planning and preparation before work commences.

Are we on budget? Where can we potentially make savings?



Present budget and plans to Mr Murphy to get sign off on the plans for developing the site.

Have pupils give Mr Murphy a tour of the prepared site. Discuss options and present plans. Listen to potential ideas for development

Get the work plans and budget signed off by Mr Murphy ready to commence the building work.


Commence project

Clear the site / Ensure site is cordoned off / Photograph the site

Using the appropriate tools and PPE – Clear the site of all weeds, nettles, refuse

Hard work – Photograph the pupils at work, document their contribution to the project. Ensure pupils are having fun, but working hard.


Build and install two windows and a door to the hut.

Have the pupils measure, clear and install two windows into the hut.

Photograph evidence of work in stages.


Install windows and door.

See above

See above