Principal: Gavin Thomas

Welcome to The Workplace, an Alternative Provision Free School opened in September 2020. The main site of the school is the former Skills Centre on Down Road, Bexhill. A significant refurbishment and remodelling of this building has taken place. 

The Workplace is aimed at vocationally minded key stage 4* pupils from across East Sussex who are struggling with a mainstream curriculum and are at risk of disengagement and exclusion. The Workplace is vocationally focussed within a broad and balanced curriculum. Pupils benefit from work related personal development opportunities, enterprise activities and quality careers provision.  

*Key stage 4 (years 10 and 11) were available from September 2020. A small number of key stage 3 (year 9) places will be  available from September 2021.


"Welcome to The Workplace Alternative Provision Free School. I am incredibly proud to have been appointed Principal of The Sabden Multi-Academy Trust’s newest school. The Workplace is founded on the following four principles: Industry, Enterprise, Rigour and Partnerships. I have high expectations for our pupils with regards to their learning and conduct and high aspirations for every pupil who attends The Workplace. We provide opportunities for pupils to regularly interact with local industries, and develop entrepreneurial skills.

The Workplace takes an innovative approach to delivering high quality education for pupils who  benefit from alternative education outside of mainstream settings. Through high quality, engaging delivery, industry standard equipment and a robust qualification offer The Workplace will educate up to 94 students to prepare them to thrive in post-16 provision and the wider world of work.

Through partnerships with employers I  ensure the classrooms replicate professional workplaces; and through the ‘Workplace Standards’ behaviour policy, my staff and I support pupils to understand their personal responsibilities within the world of work.

Pupils  receive high quality teaching in Maths, English and Science alongside expert professional tuition in the following vocational areas: Construction & allied trades, Hairdressing, Barbering & Beauty, Automotive, Hospitality & Catering, Sports & Fitness and Arts & Creativity.

I strive to make The Workplace a provision that pupils are proud to attend, and I regularly open our doors to partner schools, industry and parents/carers to actively see The Workplace in action. My ambition is to make The Workplace a key partner in supporting schools in delivering broad & balanced curriculum alongside The Sabden Multi Academy Trust’s core value of creating a warm, caring, stable and supportive environment where pupils & staff feel safe."

Gavin Thomas, Principal