"Learning at the Centre of Everything" it's written at the heart of our logo, and is at the heart of what we do.

College Central is the Pupil Referral Unit or PRU for East Sussex, we offer full-time educational opportunities for students who are at risk of permanent exclusion or have been permanently excluded, and re-engagement with learning is our approach.

Through a strong curriculum, skilled staff and  positive relationships between staff and students we build an environment for learning, and an enjoyment of learning. Through our multiple sites, and differing pathways we are committed to students making strong progress and positive outcomes. In 2015-6 our GCSE results were comparable with the top  PRU's nationally and our APS was more than 2 ½ times the national average.

Despite many of our students exhibiting challenging behaviours (hence their referral to us) College Central is a positive place that allows students the environment to learn, enjoy education and make positive relationships. Our 2011 OFSTED inspection said that "Students talk positively about how well they are doing, the support they get and that they enjoy learning" and we at College Central strive for this continually.

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