KS2 Flexible Learning Provision


Thank you for your interest in the East Sussex FLP. This is the Primary PRU for all 222 primary schools in the county. 

We have two main sites. One is within the Cuckmere House Special School in Seaford and caters for the 144 primary schools in the western part of the county, the other is part of New Horizons Special School in Hastings and caters for the remaining 78 primary schools.

We have capacity for 32 pupils (16 pupils in each of the West and East sites).

Our philosophy and ethos is to provide a caring and nurturing environment for young learners to reset and enable them to reengage in mainstream education.

Our pupils come to us because they are either at extreme risk of exclusion or have been excluded already and require an alternative approach to help them progress.

Small classes and nurturing teachers, with expertise in brain-based, attachment-led, trauma-informed approaches to learning, as well as vast experience of social, emotional and mental health needs and how to build relationships that get the most out of the learners. This means we are able to get to centre of young learner behaviours and begin the difficult but vital task of helping them understand and ultimately cope with the pressures and anxieties of a mainstream classroom. This is framed and supported by a tightly-structured, safe classroom environment that uses a proven system of rewards and incentives.

We work very hard to ensure the partnership between the FLP, the main school setting and the parents is strong and productive. Every child at our school is cherished and nurtured and every child has an opportunity to reset their educational journey, be ready to learn and ultimately bridge any gaps that may have occurred previously.


Our primary function is to take young people who have been excluded from a mainstream school, help them reset and return to another mainstream school (as decided by the FAP team at ESCC).

We also run a programme of Dual Registered Interventions. We welcome application from schools who have young people experiencing extreme difficulties in the classroom and who are at imminent risk of permanent exclusion. Programmes tend to last around 10 – 12 weeks and are often part-time in nature (sharing time with the main school setting). We have a strong track record in turning the behaviours of young people struggling with the mainstream classroom around and giving them a better chance of success moving forward.

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