The SABDEN Multi Academy Trust

We are a Trust of 3 special schools and a Vocational Alternative Provision. (In September 2023 a decision was made to voluntarily transfer the 6-day Pupil Referral service College Central to a different Trust and SABDEN are supporting this process).

Many of our pupils have experienced difficulties in their previous educational placements; demonstrate challenging behaviour and have social, emotional, mental health (SEMH) difficulties.  We continually strive to create a warm, caring, stable and supportive environment which allows all pupils to reach their full potential.

The founding schools within the Trust have worked closely together since 2007 with a mission to raise the educational standards and improve the life chances of all pupils.  The schools formally converted to academy status in September 2015 creating ‘The SABDEN Multi Academy Trust’. The Workplace Alternative Provision Free School opened in September 2020.

Each school within the Trust is as equally important, our schools engage collaboratively in a supportive network of school to school evaluation and challenge. We pride ourselves on harnessing the benefits of being a multi academy trust, working closely together to support innovative practice and share resources.

Pupils are taught self-regulation strategies through relationship based therapeutic interventions. We plan and sequence activities, lessons and interventions to support the individual needs of pupils. Shared systems and infrastructure scaffolds the workings of Trust schools and a culture of support and challenge is encouraged.  Trust infrastructure, policies and systems are continuously developed to ensure equity, effectiveness and efficiency.  Staff are encouraged to develop the necessary skills to work effectively with pupils who have social, emotional and mental health difficulties or associated barriers to learning including adverse childhood experiences.  Sabden staff engage in CPD and training, and quality research informs practice.  Staff are passionate and resilient.

Jo Foulkes

Chief Executive Officer