The Sabden Multi-Academy Trust is an aspirational and supportive Trust aiming to create a warm, caring, stable, supportive environment in which all pupils and staff feel safe.


Pupils are encouraged to reach their full potential through personalised pupil-centred programmes, quality teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum, substantial enrichment opportunities and positive relationships with staff. Calm environments and quality resources enable pupils to feel secure, confident and able to achieve. Expectations and aspirations for pupils are high and expected behaviours are role modelled by staff at all times. Social and emotional development is as important as academic achievement; pupil wellbeing and welfare is paramount. Partnerships with parents/carers, services, schools and the local authority underpins the workings of Trust schools.


Shared systems and infrastructure scaffolds the workings of Trust schools and a culture of support and challenge is encouraged.  Continuous improvement and shared accountability permeates all Trust schools and leaders are determined, inspirational and effective.  Trust infrastructure, policies and systems are continuously developed to ensure equity, effectiveness and efficiency.  Sound financial planning provides value for money, ensures sustainability and supports growth.  Trustees provide robust governance and hold school leaders to account. Leaders are expected to offer outstanding provision and achieve exemplary outcomes for pupils.


The Sabden Teaching School enables staff to develop the necessary skills to work effectively with pupils who have social, emotional and mental health difficulties or associated barriers to learning.  Sabden staff access high quality CPD training and quality research informs practice.  Staff are passionate, resilient and take pride in their work. 


The expertise of Sabden staff is shared with mainstream schools to embed best practice and a culture of inclusion throughout East Sussex and beyond. The Trust is growing and a new Alternative Provision Free School called "The Workplace" opened in September 2020.  The Trust aspires to growing to a scalable size with the addition of SEMH and AP schools which are as popular, reputable and successful as existing Trust schools.