SABDEN is committed to research and evidence informed practice. The 2022/23 SABDEN Research and Development Project was set up to collate and disseminate current research into trauma-informed practice and related interventions and further develop ‘The SABDEN Way’. The following report:

  • Summarises key research on trauma, neurodevelopment, and learning
  • Summarises key frameworks and interventions that take a trauma-informed perspective on child development and learning
  • Sets out the core principles of trauma-informed practice
  • Proposes an outline for a new Sabden-wide training programme.

The Sabden Way - Building Brains for Learning and Life

With sincere thanks to Åsa Jansson, former teacher at The Workplace who complied this research and wrote this report in the Autumn/Winter terms of 2022/23.

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The Neurosequential Model in Education - Throughout 2022_2023 various staff from all Trust schools accessed training as part of the new 'Sabden Way'. The Neurosequential Model in Education (NMETM) is a classroom-based approach to support school staff and children to learn more about brain development and the impact of developmental trauma on a child’s ability to function in a classroom. Please click here for further information from the Sussex Psychology website. 


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