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During these uncertain times we have worked hard to find a solution in the event of any further school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If onsite face to face learning is interrupted for any reason the College Central Curriculum will remain accessible to all learners with some students accessing from home via blended and remote learning as required.

At College Central we have utilised the Microsoft TEAMs platform and have created an remote learning timetable for students to log on to and gain access to live lessons (following safeguarding protocols).

Signing into Microsoft Teams for the first time if you're a student - YouTube


The following information sets out the process that College Central will follow if sites are closed or subjected to staff pressure due to positive Covid-19 reports and self-isolation. The College Central Curriculum will remain accessible to all learners with some students accessing this from home until site reopening.

Three remote learning classrooms have been established on Microsoft TEAMS

  • KS3 Remote
  • Y11 Remote
  • Y10 Remote

The Senior Team, Safeguarding Team and Key Stage Leaders will decide from the current cohorts which students are vulnerable, have a social worker and or an EHCP and who are attending school. The school day and time table will run as usual for these students.

The SENCO and Deputy DSL, will take over DSL duties from the DSL in case of the Remote School being activated so that the Assistant Principal, can focus on ensuring the quality, breadth and depth of a broad and ambitious curriculum. TLR holders will be remain responsible for the quality and curriculum content available in lessons daily for remote learners - co-ordinated by the Assistant Principal. TLR Holders and the Assistant Principal will pay close attention to attainment.

The marking policy, learning walks and work scrutiny will continue as is usual in school. Staff will observe each others practice due to the nature of delivery of remote lessons and best practice and concerns will be shared daily. Individual teachers will plan ambitious remote lessons and prepare engaging activities and materials that facilitate differentiation for; academic progression, to promote engagement and to modify student behaviour. SLT will continue with the proposed lesson observation schedule with staff being observed delivering remote lessons if necessary.

Many of our students have asked to work paper based – if they or parents want to ask questions about work set staff can ‘live chat’ with them in subject specific slots on the timetable

In our experience students engaged best with remote lessons designed and delivered by staff followed by tasks and consolidation supported by staff, parents and carers. At College Central we have invested in SAM Learning as a way to capture this consolodation.

Welfare and Safeguarding

It is our aim that students and Parents/ Carers will recieve daily welfare calls in order support with any difficulties accessing Remote Learning and also to discuss wellbeing. We do appreciate that this may not be beneficial to some, so please feel free to discuss individual arrangements with staff. During this time doorstep visits are being made to students in order to deliver free school meal hampers or Laptops provided by the Department for Education.

Healthy Remote School

In the afternoon sessions, PE is timetabled for KS4 and KS3; depending on local Covid Secure Restrictions; Key Stage Leads, Tutors and PE staff and ND will collaborate to post PE activities for afternoon sessions. If parents and carers are substituting activities in the PE slot this is possible so long as the parent or carer has agreed the activity and absence from the remote classroom through school  eg; cycle ride, walk, gym, horse riding

In the Food Technology Remote classroom students, parents and carers can find healthy recipes  and links to useful healthy eating and healthy lifestyle websites.

If students follow the Remote Timetable as expected they could be subjected to more screen time than if they were attending school in person. In order that students can spend time away from screens staff will suggest breaks for writing up, making posters and mind maps etc or other activities, such as being read to, reading books, doing treasure hunts, eye-spy, investigating through play, board games. Staff must be aware that although it may be their first session on line for the students it may not be and screen breaks must be provided.

Remote School - Online Etiquette

Students who are working on school laptops will have the appropriate safeguarding settings set by the school IT Team. Students who are working on their own devices are expected to have the correct level of safety / privacy settings put in by their parents and carers. If carers and parents are unsure of applying these settings school will help with that. Staff making calls home will ask about IT availability and settings

Students who are isolated at home will want time to socialise on line in TEAMS with staff supervising. The staff member in charge of the lesson can mute video and audio for members of the class. Staff are available throughout the day to work with students online who are finding the remote classroom environment challenging.

Students are invited to speak and join the lesson visually but they can also choose to participate by posting text only.

The same rules apply in the remote classroom as they do in school; be kind, take turns, listen, consider the needs of others and students can put hands up if they want to ask a question.

Staff and students are aware that all conversations written on TEAMS remote classroom are recorded – if any member of staff feels that safeguarding is being compromised they can end the whole session.

Safeguarding incidents from the Remote Sessions will be recorded on CPOMS as they would be from any lesson and carers and parents will be informed.

Student Organised Learning Environment at home

Parents and carers will work with staff and students to complete meaningful work at home through remote learning. As students start to take responsibility for their remote access and learning they may find early attempts frustrating. It would be helpful if parents and carers report difficulties with remote learning as soon as they can.

 It may be difficult to motivate students to take part in remote classes. Parents and carers may want students to take a learning break or they may find an alternative activity  / reward is required to enable students to organise their learning. Something that we would not have thought of at school. If parents and carers can share these ideas with tutors it would be most helpful.

School can provide writing materials, stationary, text books, reading books and we would suggest that if possible remote learners have a dedicated space and a table or desk to work at with good lighting.

To support remote learning where possible students will be taught how to use: Microsoft TEAMS, SAM Learning and Focus-elearning  before they find themselves working at home due to Covid restrictions. Teachers and students on site may log into remote lessons / pastoral sessions so that students can learn content and how to access the work together. This will also allow for isolated students to socialise through chat at break times.

If students find it difficult to keep motivated or to complete all the work school sets them parents and carers can talk to staff to discuss the best way forward.


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