The curriculum model has been developed to support all pupils with a positive, consistent educational experience which is personalised to meet specific needs, is delivered in collaboration and secures excellence for every pupil.

The ‘ALP ’ model is an established and effective, broad and balanced programme of study will deliver improved outcomes for pupils with SEMH and associated needs (including ASD) with high standards of expected attainment at every key stage.

The proposed curriculum is based on existing outstanding practice and has been evolved to ensure pupils are academically and personally prepared for their next steps and have developed learning strategies to sustainably progress and thrive. This model has been further developed for this new school in line with nationally published ‘Opening the doors to Opportunity’ research to ensure pupils develop the resilience and independence required to sustainably and confidently progress. The ‘ALP’ model of delivery contains the following three elements:

Academic ExcellenceAcademic Excellence Literacy ExpertiseLiteracy Expertise Personal ResiliencePersonal Resilience

Academic Excellence:

  • A daily core & pupil led curriculum that structures the learning of each school day and offers a broad and balanced curriculum, robust assessment and stretching qualification offer
  • Strong boundaries and consistent routines which create a stable, supportive and safe physical and curricula learning environment
  • Accreditation personalised to areas of strengths and ambition, and a culture of aspiration which inspires all pupils to aspire to at least 5 GCSE’s and Attainment 8 Qualifications and accelerated progress for all.

Literacy Expertise:

  • A literacy strand tailored to provide the foundation skills for learning and develop essential communication skills
  • Daily literacy and communication support delivered by all staff, based on current outstanding practice (with expert input in collaboration with partners from health) which develops literacy and communication skills whilst building positive relationships
  • Emotional literacy support centred on the evidenced based Social Thinking theory to support the comprehension of social literature and abstract forms in literature.

Personal Resilience:

  • Assessments (THRIVE/ Boxall) support the base lining and tracking of personal resilience and self-efficacy development of individual pupils
  • Wellbeing plans to ensure life skills and the development of emotional wellbeing strategies are integrated into the broader curriculum offer and are consistently implemented by all staff and support services (including health partners and parents/carers)
  • A pastoral team of professionals who support the emotional wellbeing of every single child on a weekly basis and provide emotional consistency for pupils (which empowers and is sensitive to signs of reliance).

The ALP model underpins a carefully designed curriculum that will develop and promote the growth and wellbeing of the whole pupil. Pupils will reach their potential as all three components are delivered with equal importance, equipping them with knowledge, communication skills and the ability to thrive functionally within the wider community. Pupils will receive a well-planned enrichment offer which includes access to horticulture, construction multi-skills, sporting activities, community cafés, forest school and beach school.