Curriculum Overview


The curriculum at Cuckmere House School aims to extend pupils knowledge, understanding and skills while developing their interests and enabling them to discover new opportunities.  Our curriculum is underpinned by our school’s core values of high expectation, respect, responsibility, honesty and achievement

We want our pupils to become self-assured learners who can move confidently onto the next stage of their learning journey and ultimately benefit from opportunities in adulthood that will reward them both personally and economically.

To achieve this we offer a curriculum that is broad and balanced and one that builds on the prior knowledge and understanding of pupils. Our curriculum is carefully planned, ensuring the opportunity for all pupils to develop and refine key skills while also supporting their social, emotional and mental health development. Meticulous planning and assessment ensures that staff are alert to the individual needs of each pupil when delivering.  Learning is planned so all pupils are challenged in their learning and supported to take risks and become motivated and independent learners.

Learning outside the classroom is a strong feature of our curriculum.  We plan opportunities throughout the key stages for pupils to explore other environments and gain experience in different settings to build their confidence as learners and to encourage team building and social skills.  We enrich our curriculum further by incorporating contributions from members of the local community that represent a range of organisations that include health professionals, volunteers, local community groups, employers and charities

Successes in learning are celebrated regularly through weekly good work/ progress assemblies where pupils are acknowledged for their progress, tenacity and attitude to learning.  Certificates, awards and a range of rewards for individual and group efforts help to recognise and celebrate pupil effort and progress in learning.