Pupil Premium

The government funded Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is designed to provide a financial support to those students from vulnerable groups (in receipt of free school meals, and those in care of the Local Authority) in closing the gap in attainment that has historically been prevalent for these groups. Due to the current funding model, PPG for Workplace students will not follow the students from commissioning ‘home’ schools and as such the school will not be in receipt of PPG. A number of interventions and support are in place to ensure all students, including those from vulnerable groups are able to realise their potential at The Workplace and these are described below:

Pastoral Support

Pastoral Mentors under the management of the Pastoral Lead, work with specifically referred students and identify holistic solutions to barriers to learning (lifestyle, gender specific issues, attendance, emotional need and social issues). The Pastoral Team also take a lead on attendance, and parental engagement both of which are key elements in terms of ensuring students can meet the targets set for them.

Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG)

The CEIAG offer at The Workplace is of paramount importance to securing the best outcomes for pupils form vulnerable groups. With approximately 80% of a students in Alternative Provision, and 90% of those in receipt of PPG nationally considered to be at significant risk of being Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) post 16, the importance on CEIAG is clear. The schools invests highly in securing 20 days of high quality, impartial and independent careers guidance for pupils as part of the robust careers programme. This support sits alongside the schools founding principles of rigour, partnerships, industry-driven and enterprise, in developing the students’ abilities to access and thrive in the world of work.

Breakfast Club

Whilst all students have access to this facility, PPG students are particularly encouraged to attend. This provides suitable activities at the beginning of the school day, ensures they have a nutritious breakfast and encourages punctuality and regular attendance.