180 Provision

180° gives students an opportunity to thrive in an alternative environment. Students often acquire new skills and passions and improve focus and engagement during the provision. A key focus is relationships with staff and peers, developing a sense of empathy.

Students are taught in key areas: “Nourish”, “Energise”, “Realise”, “Create” and The John Muir Award. Students complete projects in art, outdoor cooking, sports, PSHE, outdoor education and forest school.

A typical 180° day:

  • 10:00 – Registration and a breakfast bar. Free writing booklet and group discussion
  • Mini Bus travel
  • 10:30 – conservation work at Bushy Wood e.g. bramble clearance using tools OR beach combing with Surfers Against Sewage at Eastbourne Beach
  • 12:00 – lunch
  • 12:15 – forest school e.g. fire lighting methods and toasting marshmallows OR shelter building
  • Mini Bus travel
  • 14:00 – home

We provide opportunities for students to achieve qualifications that they otherwise would not have, for example the John Muir Award. In order to obtain these, students work with outside organisations in areas such as the conservation of their local environment.

Following their return to school, teachers have said that students have improved “coping strategies” and that 180° is “very good for raising students’ self-esteem”.

Parents have reported that their children are happier at home, “participating more and being more interactive with the family”. Some have stated that their child “has also started responding well to rules and routines”.

At 180° we nurture a sense of enjoyment when learning and stress the importance of effective, confident communication now and in the future.




Parent Feedback

I think the 180° programme was very helpful and hope it has helped better prepare him for his transition back into school (C2)

The activities helped my daughter to understand her range and what she is capable of doing and achieving (C3)

My son is happier. He’s participating more and being more interactive with the family (C3)

A very good range of activities which have helped him with his confidence and ability to control himself (C3)

He has changed his attitude and behaviours at home. He has also started responding well to rules and routines (C5)

He is easier to talk to now and more in control of his temper (C5)

Parents could learn a lot from watching that video.  I’ve realised I need to spend more time with my son (C6)

I feel that his behaviour has improved and his appreciation of the outdoors has increased (C6)

I was sceptical at first thinking it’s rewarding bad behaviour, now I realise it’s about engagement and joining in (C7)

His attitude is more positive. His school says he is not as aggressive (C7)

Restoring his faith in adults and trust (C8)

Some days he would come home and he was a different person (C8)


Mainstream School Feedback

When we meet in school he has conversations with me. Before he attended 180° he had switched off from talking to me (C2)

For students who have become disengaged with school and struggle to attend school the course is brilliant (C3)

I think that 180° was very good for raising students’ self-esteem and giving them the opportunity to try new things. _____ really enjoyed his time there and it was good for his mum to get some positive feedback.

On his first day, he has come in with a better attitude and coping strategies.

The engagement tracker is really good and involves the school during their time back with us.  Re-integration report is great, not only in sharing strategies but it also gives schools something concrete to suggest to the rest of the staff team. The graduation is an excellent way of visually sharing what children have achieved and been involved in. 

 “A fantastic new provision that is well thought through, well run and gives children an opportunity to test themselves, work in teams and learn new strategies to manage their behaviour.  All three of our referrals had the potential be a PEX this year but are still with us and we will continue to work with them to keep them at our school.

I hope this course is supported so it can continue.  There are very limited opportunities for these children and with funding being tight everywhere this is an amazing opportunity.  A good example of partnership working across Eastbourne.  THANK YOU.



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