Lansdowne Provision

Individual Level

  • Identification of individual needs – baseline assessments, VAK analysis, Speech and Language observation
  • Whole Unit Behaviour programmes, individual focus of work,  reward systems
  • Individual support - 1:1 TA support, Unit staff interventions
  • Monitoring at Break/ lunch time
  • Support  from Learning Mentor
  • Virtual School links – P.E.P, P.P.G provision, tutoring opportunities.
  • Educational Mobilities linked to Unit level system
  • Personalised opportunities for external qualifications
  • Independent careers advisor visits
  • Individual counselling

Teaching Group Level

  • Small class size – 2+ groups

  • Small group interventions

  • Differentiation by task and outcome

  • Additional supervision / monitoring – high ratio of adult:learner

  • Social skills group work eg taking turns, social stories (assemblies, PPT time, PSHE)

  • External professionals working with small groups: health, self-esteem….

  • Out of school and holiday enrichment programmes

Whole School Level

  • Consideration of each learner as an individual.

  • Firm and consistent boundaries

  • Daily handovers

  • Whole school / class expectations

  • Whole school behaviour management and reward systems - promoting positive behaviour

  • Marking, self and peer assessment (TAG)

  • Regular progress monitoring and target reviewing

  • Termly reporting

  • Pupil Voice: regular meetings, weekly Unit meeting, self-Assessment

  • Unit Staff to assist social development / play at break and lunchtimes.

  • Citizenship curriculum


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