At College Central we believe that access to the curriculum is at the heart of any future success within mainstream, the most immediate route to this is via effective writing in English. Our English curriculum focuses on the key skills of communicating via written English. Each week we focus on a key skill- e.g. Sentence Structure, use of adjectives, using similes and metaphors. With students building up to an extended piece showcasing the skills they have learnt. Each term will see a new focus for developing these skills, so not only do students develop key skills they develop creative skills too.


Term 1

  • Horror Writing

Term 2

  • Poetry

Term 3

  • Newspapers & Journalism

Term 4

  • Advertising

Term 5

  • Biographies and Autobiography

Term 6

  • Travel Writing


Each term will culminate in a larger piece of writing showcasing all the skills they have learnt, students will tackle Horror stories that build tension through altering sentence lengths, Poems rich with metaphors and similes and newspaper reports that carry powerful messages through the skilful use of repetition.  AT COLLEGE CENTRAL WE ARE CONFIDENT WRITERS


Maths is vital, we use numbers every day and at College Central we focus on how Maths affects us every day. Each week we will highlight a key skill or concept in maths and place it in real world context. Students will plan they dream house utilising skills of area and perimeter, plan their dream career and lifestyle using % and interest and plan a journey into space through the use of angles. Students will develop practical skills of Maths, but will also be able to place them in context of their own lives


Term 1 Home and Garden Term 2 Money, Money, Money Term 3 Travel & Transport Term 4 Food & Drink Term 5 Sport & Leisure Term 6 Holidays


Each term will culminate in a project where students highlight their understanding of a number of key mathematical skills, but also demonstrate the ability to utilise a number of maths skills to solve problems. AT COLLEGE CENTRAL WE ARE CONFIDENT MATHEMATICIANS

Enterprise and Digital Literacy

In Key Stage 3 the focus is on practical activities such as film making and organising events such as fund raising days and school fayres. Students also learn how to create their own businesses. This involves identifying opportunities through market research, creating a business identity (logo, marketing etc), communicating with customers (designing websites and apps) and managing the figures (using spreadsheets and creating data forecasts).






Creative Curriculum

As well as developing skills in key academic areas we want to develop skills of creativity, confidence and resilience. We feel that these are best developed through subjects which harness creativity and experimentation. Through practical sessions students will focus on the following


Food Technology: Health & Safety, Alternative Diets, British & Commonwealth food, healthy eating, food for celebrations, vegetarianism and veganism

Arts: Fine Art, Photography, Ceramics, Textiles, Multi-Media, Film



OAA and PE

Students will also programme of PE (this will focus on a number of sports including Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball etc…) and OAA which focuses on a number of adventurous activities such as kayaking, tracking, Outdoor Classroom etc…  Again the focus of these activities are to create skills of resilience, elements of physical health and increased confidence for our students