Opening & Consultation

Opening Date

The provisional opening date for the new school is September 2024 and we are in our final year of pre-opening.

Statutory Consultation

By law, under Section 10 of the Academies Act 2010, there is a statutory obligation to consult about our free school proposal. Section 10 of this Act required The SABDEN Multi Academy Trust to thoroughly and transparently consult on whether to enter into an arrangement with the Secretary of State to set up the new free school. We undertook our statutory consultation for 6 weeks between the 19th June 2023 - 30th July 2023 and a copy of the consultation report is published below


Sheppey Consultation Summary and Report


The School Name

The statutory consultation welcomed suggestions for a new school name. Following the consultation, Trustees from The SABDEN Multi Academy Trust voted for Nore Academy as the name for this new SEMH school on Sheppey. This name reflects the local geography of the area with the Nore sandbank at the mouth of the Thames. The word Nore also has links to rays of light and hope.

Pre-Opening Research Project

In 2021 a research project was undertaken on the Isle of Sheppey with pupils, parents/carers and local primary and secondary mainstream colleagues to ensure the curriculum offer is agreed, and is aligned to the principle of achieving excellence within the local context of the Isle of Sheppey.


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