The Role of College Central

College Central is a PRU/AP setting, it is not designed to fulfil the role of a special school but to act as an intervention for those students who have received a variety of interventions within their own school but still find themselves at risk of permanent exclusion. Support from College Central on a Dual Registered basis is designed to be proactive and act as an intervention to avoid a PEX.  It can also support schools in offering provision as a response to significant incidents to avoid PEX. The admissions panel refers specifically to core College Central provision. 

Which Students are eligible?

Any students accessing provision with an East Sussex school can be referred. Decisions are made solely on the criteria outlined below. Dual Registration places will have appropriate transport funded for a maximum of twelve weeks. There should be no geographical barrier to accessing core College Central provision

Goals of College Central Admissions panel

  • Regular Discussion of referrals/applications
  • Transparent & criteria based placement of students
  • Clear agreed time frames for all placements
  • Involvement of all relevant stakeholders in process
  • Agenda solely to focus on movement of students into/out of College Central


Admissions Process

There are two stages to the process

Stage 1

In their application, schools should identify their preference for a placement of 2/3 or 4 days. Use of part-time places should support greater access for schools to places and support pro-active and preventative work.

This is purely criteria based and should focus on evidence and impact of the following strategies

  • Evidence of internal strategies utilised within the school
  • An active, and reviewed ANP
  • Evidence of external professional support and attempts to utilise strategies suggested
  • Evidence of a full time or meaningful offer for the student on their allocated day(s) in mainstream

Absence of any of these elements will result in no place offered, without further discussion

Stage 2

This will involve a wider discussion and include discussion of the following points. Discussions are time limited (Maximum 10 minutes per student)

  • What impact would a placement have?
  • Does the profile of the student complement the current cohort and would it support impact?
  • Is there a clear plan for their reintegration?

The general approach will be to develop a consensus on all decisions. Where this is not possible a vote can be held. Where the panel opinion is split 4-3 then the chair will have the final and casting vote.

Where a decision to offer a place is made the panel should then agree duration of placement, and proposed reintegration date

All decisions will be communicated via email to the referring schools.


College Central dual registration panel application 3.0