Art and Design

The creative industries contributed more than £111 billion in the UK economy in 2018, which is the equivalent to £306 million every day. The Art industry is constantly growing, and the sector is five times larger than growth across the UK economy as a whole. The course we offer at The Workplace  enables learners to acquire knowledge and technical skills related to investigating, exploring and creating art. It is about developing and applying art in a more commercial way through practical projects such as idea generation and creating design outcomes for specific target audiences.


The  BTEC Art & Design course is suitable for students who are interested in developing their skills and finding out future career opportunities. Learners are encouraged to experiment and be  innovate so their creativity flourishes. Not only does this set them up for future education and employment, but this opportunity sets them up for lifelong learning, and having the creative skillsets enables them to become better problem solvers, as well as encouraging positive self-expression and personal growth.


The course explores key areas within the creative industries, learning how to address the needs of clients by ensuring that their art and design work meets the requirements of a creative project brief.