Food Technology

Food Technology

Subject lead: Kelly Brown

Key stage 3 overview

Food and Nutrition

We all need to eat to survive but with knowledge we can learn to thrive. That’s why an understanding of what, how, and why we eat is critical in giving us the power to make informed choices over the food we make and consume. We should know where our food comes from, the nutrition it provides us with, and most importantly how to prepare food, shop for ingredients within our budget, and cook healthy nutritious meals for ourselves and our families.

Implementation - What will I do?

· Use knives and graters to safely prepare ingredients such as vegetables and meat.

· Weigh and combine ingredients to make batters and doughs.

· Use the cooker to steam, poach, boil, braise, stew, bake, stir-fry, roast, grill and fry.

· Wash up and dry equipment used in the lesson.

· Be involved in catering for school events.

· Show and explain to others the cooking skills you have mastered.

· Use the Eatwell plate to make healthier choices.

· Research and develop your own recipe ideas.

Impact - What will I learn?

In Food Studies, you will be taught how to cook and to develop your practical skills and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. You will be taught to:

  • Develop an understanding of safety and hygiene
  • understand and apply the principles of nutrition and health
  • cook a repertoire of predominantly savoury dishes so that you are able to feed yourself and others a healthy and varied diet
  • become competent in a range of cooking techniques, selecting and using a wide range of ingredients
  • prepare ingredients; using kitchen utensils and electrical equipment; applying heat in different ways; using awareness of taste, texture and smell to decide how to season dishes and combine ingredients

Key Stage 4 overview

Hospitality and Catering

At Key Stage 4 learners are offered a Level1/2 vocational award in Hospitality and Catering.

The course in designed with the active learner in mind and has an emphasis on practical cookery. Students draw on the preparation, cooking and presentation skills they have learned, and now focus on planning the elements of meals in preparation for their examination assessment.

Exam Board Syllabus

The Equadas Level 1/2 Vocational Award in Hospitality and Catering is made up of two mandatory units:

Unit 1 The Hospitality and Catering Industry

Unit 2 Hospitality and Catering in Action

Learners must complete both units.

Impact - What will I learn?

Learners will develop the knowledge and understanding related to a range of hospitality and catering providers; how they operate and what they have to take into account to be successful. There is the opportunity to learn about issues related to nutrition and food safety and how they affect successful hospitality and catering operations. In this qualification, learners will also have the opportunity to develop some food preparation and cooking skills as well as transferable skills of problem solving, organisation and time management, planning and communication.

Key Stage 4 Assessment

Unit 1: The Hospitality and Catering Industry will be externally assessed

The external assessment is available in June each year and may be in the form of an on-screen or paper version. Duration: 90 minutes

Unit 2: Hospitality and Catering in Action is internally assessed:

There are three stages of assessment that will be controlled

Students are given 10 hours to complete a portfolio of their project work.

Grading: Level 1 Pass, Level 2 Pass, Level 2 Merit, Level 2 Distinction

Useful Information: You can find out more information, or download the specification from the Equadas website here: Hospitality and Catering Level 1 / 2 | Eduqas

Year Plan Food Studies


Term 1

Term 2


Term 3

Term 4


Term 5

Term 6



Food and cooking*

Getting to grips**

Food and cooking*

Top toasties**

Food and cooking*

Brilliant baking**

Food and cooking*


Food and cooking*

Batch bake**

Pizza delivery Co Project


Diet and Health*

Creative crumble**

Diet and Health*

Feel the rub/perfect pastry**

Diet and Health*

Mini meals**

Diet and Health*

Pasta mania**

Diet and Health*


Pizza delivery Co Project


Making choices*


Making choices*


Making choices*

Back to basics**

Making choices*

Curry to go!**


Making choices*

Meal appeal**

Pizza delivery Co Project


Unit 1

LO4: Know how food can cause ill



Unit 2

LO3: Be able to cook dishes.

Developing and improving skills learnt at KS3

Unit 2

LO1: Understand the importance of

nutrition when planning meals.

LO2: Understand menu planning.

LO3: Be able to cook dishes.

Use of commodities.

Unit 1

LO1:Understand the environment in

which hospitality and catering providers


LO5: Be able to propose a hospitality and

catering provision to meet specific


Unit 2

LO3: Be able to cook dishes.

Produce dishes to be served on a range of

different menus.


Unit 1

LO1: Understand the environment in which

hospitality and catering providers operate.

LO2: Understand how Hospitality and catering

providers operate.

LO3: Understand how Hospitality and catering

provision meets health and safety


Unit 2

Hospitality and Catering in Action Project

Unit 1

The Hospitality and Catering Industry Revision and Exam

*Food Fact of Life schemes of work framework

**Licence to cook recipes