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Creative Craft

Subject lead: Phil Glynn



This qualification is designed for learners with an interest in craft and can be delivered in a variety of contexts. Examples could include wood crafts, textiles, jewellery making, stained glass, mosaics, weaving, card making etc.

This qualification aims to:

  • develop a broad understanding of craft
  • develop a significant knowledge core which spans the vocational sector
  • provide academic and study skills that will support progression within craft and more broadly.


The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

  • use raw materials, tools and equipment in a safe and competent manner
  • review their own work, and develop ideas and learning through the craft process
  • develop an understanding of health and safety considerations in the craft environment
  • develop communication skills through a range of media.


Exam Board Syllabus

This qualification aims to:

· enable learners to develop basic skills in craft

· provide learners with underpinning knowledge of the craft process

· provide learners with a basis for progression into further study in craft-related areas. The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

· develop a portfolio of work in craft

· use materials, tools and equipment correctly and safely

· develop an understanding of health and safety considerations in the craft environment.



Key Stage 4 Assessment


Each candidate must create a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates achievement of all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria associated with each unit. On completion of each unit candidates must declare that the work produced is their own. The Assessor must countersign this.


Implementation - Year Plan Creative Craft



Term 1

Term 2


Term 3

Term 4


Term 5

Term 6









Exploring Craft techniques: practice different craft techniques – casting, weaving, stained glass etc.

Exploring craft ideas: Looking at the work of other craftspeople and working on comparative ideas

Preparation for Y11 and decisions made regarding final piece.

Unit 1

Explore craft resources (15 weeks)


Unit 1

Explore craft resources (15 weeks)

Unit 2

Explore craft ideas (15 weeks)

Unit 2

Explore craft ideas (15 weeks)

Unit 3

Create and present final craft item (5 weeks).

Unit 4

Review final craft item (5 weeks).



Impact - What will I learn?


Learners will develop their knowledge of materials and the techniques required to manipulate them. Learners will explore the properties and characteristics of different materials and develop their use of tools and equipment for working with selected materials.

Learners will also cover health and safety procedures relevant to the chosen tools and materials.

Learners will explore the work of others to inspire and develop their own craft ideas.

Learners will record their ideas and discuss them with others, responding to feedback and giving reasons for their final choice.

This unit allows learners to plan, produce and reflect upon their own craft work. Learners will plan and prepare the tools, materials and equipment required to produce their craft item whilst maintaining a safe working environment. Learners will have the opportunity to display their finished piece in an appropriate way or setting for others to see. Learners will also identify any issues/challenges they faced in the creative process and create an action plan to help them with future developments.