The Harbour - The Sabden Multi Academy Trust

The Harbour


The Harbour is an eight week provision based at the Tile Barn College Central site. We welcome up to eight year 7-10 students who are vulnerable and have primarily anxiety based needs, or emerging mental health or trauma based needs from across East Sussex. We have four cohorts in a year. We teach Monday – Thursday and students return to their schools on Fridays. We teach English, maths and PSHE and resilience based activities every day. There is one teacher and one TA. We use the Academic Resilience Framework from Young Minds.

Desired outcomes from The Harbour project are a positive experience of education, respite for student, school and parent; time to pause to reflect what is needed to be put in place upon return to mainstream; an improvement in ability to regulate emotions – to be more resilient at school and an improvement in social interactions as needed by the student. We are privileged to teach these young people and accompany them on a short journey through their education.

We report frequently to parents, almost daily, and weekly to schools allowing a close connection to exist so that the students and parents can see how it is important for the student to prepare to go back to mainstream full time. We write an extensive exit report with recommendations for the future and have a review meeting at school to end the placement. We are always happy to help start or move on referrals to external agencies so students can get the right support in place.