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Ethos & Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the Special Activity Unit to place the welfare and needs of the students first and to create personal learning programmes for every student placed at the SAU. These programmes are reviewed weekly and adaptations made where necessary. There is always a daily review of student’s and teacher’s performance and short term changes and adaptations are made if required. The SAU ethos is to support students at all times, at school and at home. Links are continually made to nurture the whole person and support their social and domestic lives.

The SAU is viewed as being a secure, structured and supportive environment that also has flexibility. Students are encouraged to share responsibility with the running of the school day and are very much included in the development of the programmes they take part in. 

Any use of physical control when students have lost self-control and are placing themselves or others in danger will be in accordance with the school’s Behaviour Policy and Procedures. After any use of physical control students’ opinions are sought by the Head of Care and other members of SMT. Parents/carers and social workers are informed of any use of physical control. Physical control is used very rarely at the SAU and students are always encouraged to find control within themselves even if this takes a significant amount of time. This is often preferable as the students usually have a history of not responding to physical control.

Bullying of any description is challenged and has no place at the SAU.

The SAU actively develops good relationships with, and active support from, other professionals and agencies concerned with the young people. This is very important as the students placed at the SAU have complex needs and are involved with a range of outside agencies. The SAU staff ethos is to simplify and make sense of the support for the student and their families.

Neither the SAU or the school has any affiliation to a particular religion or religious denomination.


SAU Documents Date  
SAU Mission Statement 21st Mar 2017 Download
SAU Referral Protocol 21st Mar 2017 Download
SAU Statement of Purpose.pdf 03rd Oct 2017 Download
Rationale.pdf 03rd Oct 2017 Download

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