Teaching School - Update

Cuckmere Teaching School will cease to operate from 30th August 2021, in line with all Teaching Schools nationally. The Department for Education has created a new school support system called Teaching Hubs. The Teaching Hub for East Sussex and Brighton will be run by STEP Academy from September 1st 2021.

The Cuckmere House Teaching School has successfully run for over 5 years. In that time we have supported many mainstream secondary, primary and special schools in the South East region offering quality and bespoke school to school support. As a National Teaching School we contributed to the following six areas:

  • Initial Teacher Training
  • CPD (Talent Management, Professional Development and Succession Planning)
  • Leadership Development
  • Specialist Leaders in Education deployment
  • Research and Development
  • School to School Support

Research and evidence based support was at the centre of our philosophy as a Teaching School and we undertook significant work examining the successful ways in which schools can support pupils who have social and emotional and mental health needs. This research formed the basis of CPD courses offered to teachers across the South East and were very well received with positive feedback from those attending. Subjects included De-escalation and Engagement, Understanding Early Development Trauma, Promoting Positive Learning Behaviours and the Foundations of Behaviour Management. The Teaching School also actively encouraged schools to undertake their own research and create their own data to inform and support their specific school development plans.

We have contributed to the East Sussex Teaching school network throughout the 5 years and have helped develop an integrated ‘one stop’ website where courses and SLE support can be found:

The Sabden Multi-Academy Trust welcomes the opportunity to work with the STEP Academy to continue supporting schools in the South East through the Teaching Hub system. Support is at the heart of what we do, and we hope to continue our work with professionals in schools to help them develop: new classroom practices; ways of working positively with vulnerable children and young people; and coaching skills that can help them to lead others purposefully and effectively. We will strive to support Sabden staff and the wider education community to create warm, caring, stable, supportive environments in which all staff and pupils feel safe.

If you have any queries regarding SABDEN training, support and research please contact