Covid & Remote Learning

Our Remote Learning Offer


Welcome to the remote learning information for our school.  It is vitally important that we all encourage and support pupils to continue to engage in their learning.  Here you will find information about how we are doing this.  This includes:

  • information about the work set each week
  • how work should be returned
  • how teachers will provide feedback
  • what to do if you or your child needs any help

All our pupils will have a timetable of remote learning activities to guide them through the week.  We will maintain regular contact with parents and carers so you can let us know how well your child is engaging, what is going well and what may need improving.  We will also aim to speak directly to your child each week, please help to facilitate this so we can continue to tailor our learning and support for them.  For some of our older pupils we will have remote sessions that will also include other pupils from their class. It is important that during these times pupils maintain our behaviour expectations.

We have received our allocation of Government laptops and these have now been distributed. If you were expecting one and it has not yet arrived or your circumstances have changed and you now require support with home learning equipment, please let us know and we will do our best to help.   

Information in the subsequent sections will give you more detail about how our remote learning offer is set up for pupils in different areas of our school. This includes Tower House, the Primary Department, including the Flexible Learning Provision (FLP) and our Secondary Department.  It is likely that pupils in different areas of the school will be directed to different resources and on-line tools. This will be to reflect the resources they are most familiar with.  


How We Plan To Support Your Child To Access Their Remote Learning Programme

Primary Department and Flexible Learning Provision

Two weekly phone calls from the pupil’s class teacher to parents/carers providing information on: key areas of learning, home learning expectations, strategies to effectively support pupil activities and discussions about how best to support social and emotional wellbeing to further maximise engagement. This robust mechanism of communication will support each learning pack sent home. Each pack will provide learning activities that are relevant to the Medium Term planning for that term and are appropriately differentiated for that particular pupil. This will ensure that the learning packs provided are at the correct level, with appropriate challenge, scaffolding and interest to pupils whilst working remotely.  Learning will link to the previous week’s objectives and build on teacher’s judgement as to how pupils have met the learning requirements of the previous week. Teachers will introduce the learning for the following week using the same learning pattern. 

Secondary Department

Many pupils are already well engaged with our remote learning offer and they have established good routines for their learning at home. Since the initial contact from school to explain the options for remote learning, a member of your child’s tutor team will be in touch at least once a week to see how things are progressing. During these calls you will be asked to feedback on how well your child is engaged in their learning.  Any issues you raise will be directed to the most appropriate member of staff so they can be addressed quickly. In addition to the weekly call we will also have weekly on-line well-being sessions through TEAMs – please encourage your child to engage with these.  We have made and shared a video tutorial to support our pupils to use TEAMs to access their assignments from subject teachers and return work.

Pupils can directly message their teachers any questions they have about their work through the TEAMs chat facility, this is monitored daily by class teachers to ensure a timely response.

Tower House

We will be in regular communication with you to support your child to continue their learning at home.  Individual work packs will be prepared to suit your child’s interests and abilities. By arrangement work packs can be delivered by members of staff who can collect completed work and drop off new work packs on a weekly basis.  

Completed work is monitored on the Education City learning platform, the teaching team will then evaluate progress and set further work. Learning activities are planned so they will link closely to the progress your child has made in the previous week.  


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