Covid - New Horizons

Thank you again for your patience and support during this difficult time. Since our second national lock down started on 5th November, we would like to bring your attention to some of the procedures we are putting in place at New Horizons's to help keep students and staff safe.

We have conducted a thorough COVID specific risk assessment of all areas of school life in order to highlight potential risk areas and more importantly develop control measures to minimise those risks. This will include lesson time, breaks, social gathering and also journeying to and from school.

We have developed a method of delivering quality lessons via remote learning through the SeaSaw platform. A timetable of lessons has been created to allow pupils to access a range of subjects at specific times during the week - similar to how the normal school day works.

Further details of how to access these lessons, Risk Assessments, Protocols, Social Stories to support young peoples understanding of COVID and other COVID related procedures can be found below. 


Hands face space


Page Downloads Date  
COVID School Protocols January 2021 05th Feb 2021 Download
COVID Test at school Social Story 05th Feb 2021 Download
COVID Risk Assessment January 2021 New H... 05th Feb 2021 Download
COVID Parent Welcome letter for Seesaw 05th Feb 2021 Download