Our Curriculum

At St Mary’s we pride ourselves on creating a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires teaching and ensures learning is engaging, varied and enjoyable.  All students will receive a curriculum experience which is made up of four key learning areas; Core, Applied, Personal and Cultural.

  • Core Learning focuses on ensuring students have the skills to access learning across all subject areas. They are the foundation for all exam subjects and are the currency for future achievement, in terms of accessing further education, employment or training.
  • Applied Learning will help to develop students' practical skills. It is also a feature of the curriculum which develops the kinaesthetic learning experience whilst providing an opportunity to gain practical based qualifications.
  • Personal Learning encompasses all the skills needed to improve students levels of independence in terms of personal, social, health and economic well–being.
  • Cultural Learning allows students to broaden their cultural knowledge and understanding, underpinned by our British Values.

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