Remote Learning

During these uncertain times we have worked hard to find a solution in the event of any further school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At College Central we have utilised the Microsoft TEAMs platform and have created an remote learning timetable for students to log on to and gain access to live lessons (following safeguarding protocols).

The following information sets out the process that College Central will follow if sites are closed or subjected to staff pressure due to positive Covid-19 reports and self-isolation. The College Central Curriculum will remain accessible to all learners with some students accessing this from home until site reopening.

Three remote learning classrooms have been established on Microsoft TEAMS

  • KS3 Remote
  • Y11 Remote
  • Y10 Remote

The Senior Team, Safeguarding Team and Key Stage Leaders will decide from the current cohorts which students are vulnerable, have a social worker and or an EHCP and who are attending school. The school day and time table will run as usual for these students.

The SENCO and Deputy DSL, will take over DSL duties from the DSL in case of the Remote School being activated so that the Assistant Principal, can focus on ensuring the quality, breadth and depth of a broad and ambitious curriculum. TLR holders will be remain responsible for the quality and curriculum content available in lessons daily for remote learners - co-ordinated by the Assistant Principal. TLR Holders and the Assistant Principal will pay close attention to attainment.

The marking policy, learning walks and work scrutiny will continue as is usual in school. Staff will observe each others practice due to the nature of delivery of remote lessons and best practice and concerns will be shared daily. Individual teachers will plan ambitious remote lessons and prepare engaging activities and materials that facilitate differentiation for; academic progression, to promote engagement and to modify student behaviour. SLT will continue with the proposed lesson observation schedule with staff being observed delivering remote lessons if necessary.

Remote Timetable

  • Open to students 9.00am
  • 9.30 Maths
  • 10.00 Tutorial
  • 10.30 English 
  • 11.30 Science 
  • 1.00 Tutorial
  • 1.15 GCSE and BTEC Digital Literacy, Options Art, PE, Citizenship PSHE 
  • 2.00 GCSE and BTEC Digital Literacy, Options Art, PE, Citizenship PSHE 
  • Finish at 2.50pm

Remote sessions will be staffed by two staff members for each session.

Students can be invited into larger mixed remote classes or staff may rotate their support in smaller groups throughout the sessions available to students.

Where possible, lessons will be, taught by subject specialists