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Dear parents,

to make home learning resources more organised, I have created a page for each year group. 

Please click the link below to get to your child's year group resources:

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Year 7

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ICT/Year 4, 5 and 6 Home learning packs
Year 7 (English, Maths, ICT, Science, Discoveries)
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Educational Youtube support

Distance Learning Tools

Full Curriculum Coverage Distance Learning Tools

  1. Albert: Thousands of standards-aligned practice questions for grades 6-12. Curriculum coverage of ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, AP, SAT®, ACT®, Regents, STAAR, and Common Core needs. Albert is providing extended free pilot licenses for schools impacted by COVID-19. The form to get access can be found here.
  2. ABCmouse: Reading, math, science, art & colors curriculum for ages 2-8. They offer a 30-day trial after you watch their video on their homepage.
  3. BrainPOP: Over a 1,000 short animated movies for grades K-12 in all subjects, with quizzes and related materials. You can request free unlimited use of the BrainPOP suite for the duration of your school closure here.
  4. CK-12: Free and customizable K-12 open educational resources that are aligned to state curriculum standards. 
  5. EducationCity: Targeted at grades PreK-6 providing lesson plans, resources and activities. 21-day free trial here
  6. Edulastic: Library of standards-aligned practice questions to create assessments in minutes. They’re offering Premium and Enterprise features for free until July 1, 2020. Learn more here.
  7. IXL: K-12 curriculum supports for math, language arts, science, stocial studies, spanish, and Common Core. Teachers can start a 30-day trial account here.
  8. Khan Academy: 100% free covering a wide range of subjects. Particularly strong in STEM subjects. 
  9. MobyMax: Targeted towards K-8 teachers providing CCSS-aligned content, assessments, and activities. Free COVID-19 support announcement here.
  10. Nearpod: Thousands of customizable lessons with student activities. Request support here.
  11. PBS: Free K-12 classroom resources ranging from media galleries, videos, and lesson plans. Create a free account for full features.


Reading or English Language Arts Distance Learning Tools

  1. Accelerated Reader: Reading quizzes on a variety of books. Requires subscription.
  2. Book Creator: Lets you create digital books online. Fosters creativity in the classroom for telling stories and more. They’re offering 90-days of free access you can start using here.
  3. BoomWriter: For grades 2-8. Somewhat similar to Book Creator in that it allows students to create original stories that can be published into softcover books. But also allows teachers to send students engaging fiction and non-fiction and vocabulary exercises.
  4. CommonLit: 100% free site that provides a digital lesson library, formative insights, and interim assessments. Features some Spanish materials as well. 
  5. Epic: Digital library for K-5. There are learning videos and quizzes within as well.
  6. MyOn: Digital library of 6,000 titles sorted by grade and Lexile reading level. Requires subscription. 
  7. Newsela: Leveled readings to build literacy skills. Most require a subscription
  8. ReadWorks: Free content, curriculum, and tools for grades K-12 targeted at building reading comprehension. You can read about their recommendations regarding using the site remotely here.
  9. Starfall Reading: Targeted at K-3 for teaching basic English reading and writing skills. Lots of games and phonics. Some features require a subscription.
  10. StoryKit: Simple free storybook creation app that allows students to add pictures and recordings with their own voices. Targeted at K-5.


Writing Distance Learning Tools

  1. Albert: 100% free grammar course with over 3,300 original practice questions and explanations. Includes contemporary, informative and engaging texts and aligns to Common Core, Regents, and TEKS standards.
  2. Draftin: Simple site that allows you to have students share drafts with easy version controls. Good for those who may not want to use Google Docs and wants to emphasize focus in writing. Has a free version.
  3. Grammarly: Free browser extension or desktop tool that detects tone, typos, and helps build cleaner writing skills. 
  4. Hemingway: Similar to Grammarly, provides annotations to help make student writing bolder and more clear. Free.
  5. Quill: Free writing and grammar activities for K-12. Includes lessons for teachers to lead writing instruction as well as diagnostics.
  6. Scholastic Story Starters: Tool focused for K-6 to help students brainstorm ideas for writing a fictional story. Prompts for adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi are included.


Math Distance Learning Tools

  1. Albert: Hundreds of free questions and explanations in Foundations of Algebra and Algebra 1. Aligned to Common Core, Regents, and TEKS standards. 
  2. DeltaMath: Interactive math practice for middle and high school students. Accounts are free for teachers and students. 
  3. Desmos: Free online graphing calculator that includes digital activities for students from 6th to 12th grade. Teachers can create accounts to assign student activities. 
  4. Free Math App: A platform where teachers can assign, review, and leave feedback on student work. 
  5. Geogebra: Online tools for graphing and geometry. Classroom resources and activities are free. 
  6. Illustrative Mathematics: Free math curriculum and resources for grades K-12 with a focus on creative word problems. 
  7. Mathigon: An interactive math textbook where students can learn and practice new concepts. Targeted towards high school students. 
  8. Mathletics: An adaptive, interactive math platform centered on math challenges and quizzes that allow students to “compete” with one another. Schools and home users can try a 30-day free trial
  9. Mathsonline: A collection of math tutorial videos, questions, and summaries. Accounts are required, but students, teachers, and parents can get a free trial
  10. Mathspace: An adaptive mathematics platform including practice questions and interactive textbooks. 
  11. Myimaths: Math lessons and homework assignments for students ages 11 to 18. Schools can sign up for a 30-day free trial
  12. National Association for the Education of Young Children: Activities that parents and guardians can do with young children (elementary and below) at home. 
  13. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Resources and activities for student exploration of mathematics. 
  14. The Math Learning Center: Free games and activities for students in Pre-K through 6th grade. 
  15. VirtualNerd: Math video support in middle school, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry.
  16. Youcubed: Inspirational math tasks, films, and textbooks to help students develop a growth mindset.  
  17. Zearn: Digital lessons and printable activities aligned to EngageNY and Eureka Math. Resources are free and targeted towards grades K-5. 


Science Distance Learning Tools

  1. Discovery Education: Arguably best known for their science textbooks, but also support other STEM subjects. They are providing free access to their materials for the remainder of the school year. Learn more here.
  2. Mystery Science: Interactive lessons targeted at K-5 science curriculum that are NGSS-aligned and Common Core aligned. They’ve made their most popular lessons free here.
  3. STEMScopes: K-12 STEM curriculum with digital resources, print materials, and exploration kits. General information of how their online platform can support during this time can be found here.


Computer Science Distance Learning Tools

  1. Codecademy: Free basic courses in computer science. Paid subscription optional; subscription unlocks members only content, study-plans, real-world projects and community support. 

2. Tynker: Coding site targeted for ages 5+. Includes a complete coding curriculum, automatic assessments, and classroom management tools. Google form for COVID-19 supports can be submitted here


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