Lansdowne is a local authority run home in East Sussex. Lansdowne is a modern, purpose built, physically secure environment providing care for up to 7 young people, aged 10-17. Our ethos is child focused and homely.



Lansdowne School is based within the Home, and provides full time education for all residents, in line with the local school term dates.

The school aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which the young people gain the confidence to re-engage in learning.

The focus is to develop core skills, which underpin all future learning: this serves to equip young people to embark on studies of age appropriate qualifications in subsequent placements. The Core Learning programme, based around Functional English and Functional Maths, is supplemented by Creative Learning (Art, Drama) and Vocational Learning (Childcare, DT, Hair and Beauty). Individual learning targets are established across the whole school curriculum.

Engagement with the school provision ensures that young people leave with a portfolio evidencing skill acquisition, development of literacy and numeracy and a range of awards to demonstrate learning progress.

Lansdowne School operates through a service level agreement between ESCC and the SABDEN Multi Academy Trust.


Mrs Phillippa Brooks
Head of Education

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