Creative Writing and Illustrating

Weekly plan:






(What you are trying to achieve?)

Implementation (What you are planning on doing?)


(What are your outcomes and how will they be measured?)


 To figure out a concept for a children’s book.


 Students will complete a brainstorming activity in where they will come up with a story line for their book. Students will look at the age range and determine how many pages the book will be and explore various themes.

To have a basic concept for the children’s book.

Students will each have a version of a mind map which explore various concepts.


To seek inspiration

Students will be encouraged to visit a library to explore various illustrators.

This could be an opportunity to invite illustrators into the school to talk more about processes.

Students should have photocopies and research material of favourite illustrators and book authors.


Character invention

Students will begin the invention of their characters. Looking into how movement is recorded in a character.

Students will complete various sketches of their characters and choose the best one for their book.


To explore colour

Students will use a variety of colours and techniques for a final colour design of their characters and backgrounds.

Students will be shown a variety of methods and they will all try out watercolour, acrylic, and ink and so on…

Students will show a final copy of their character drawings with final colour technique.


Investigate characters actions

Students will be shown how to capture action in their characters.


Students will draw their characters doing various activities.  Teacher will organise a group crit to help students progress with their illustrations.


Finalise details

To explore the technical aspects of scanning illustrations into the template ready for book creation.

Students will be finishing their illustrations for their books and finalising details.

Students will be shown how to scan their work into a printer and to place images into the template for publishing.

Teacher will bring in a printing expert to talk to students in how to scan their work ready for publishing.

.Students will format images onto templates and save their work ready for publishing.

Group crit will be organised for last minute final touches to their books.


Book publishing

Students will continue to scan their work and organise images onto templates and look at font and send their work to kindle for printing.

Students will publish their books using kindle. Students will work out the cost and pricing of their books and send this to kindle for publishing. Students will sell their books to the public.